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Queer festivals this summer

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Even though Queeruption in Rome is cancelled, the summer is full of queer events. Here are some of them:

April 4 – 12: Transformer – Queer Festival, Bruxelles, Belgium (read more).

April 30 – May 2: Noc Walpurgii (The Valpurgis Night festival) Warsaw, Poland (read more).

May 15 – 18: Entzaubert Queer Film Festival, Berlin, Germany (read more).

May 31: Queerlitteraturdagen (The Day for Queer Literature) in Gothenburg, Sweden (read more).

June 6 – 8: Århus Queer Festival, Denmark (read more).

June 25 – 29: Queer-and-Rebel Days at Schwarzer Kanal in Berlin, Germany (read more).

July 14 – 20: Jafnaðr – Nordic Queer Youth Festival, Norway (read more).

July 21 – 27: Copenhagen Queer Festival, Denmark (read more).

August 4 – 10: Aalborg Queer Festival, Denmark (read more).

August 14 – 16: Oslo Queer Festival, Norway (read more).

September 18 – 21: Queer Beograd, Serbia (read more).

Noc Walpurgii 2008 in Warsaw

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Noc Walpurgii2

From April 30 – May 2 Noc Walpurgii (The Valpurgis Night festival) will be on in Warsaw, Poland. The Noc Walpurgii festival has been running every other year since 1996 fighting against sexism and homophobia in Poland. Parts of the program for the festival this summer is already released, and here are some highlights:

Bands: BEYOND PINK (Malmø, Sweden), AGATHA (Milano, Italy), THE F.A. (Giessen, Germany), C.B.A. (Berlin, Germany), EYE FOR AN EYE (Bielsko Biala, Poland), ZIMBABWE (Vilnius, Lithuania), DEATH BEFORE WORK (Milano, Italy), GEFFEN3/KAKAOKATZE (Berlin, Germany), THE FIGHT (Warszawa, Poland), SUGARCRUSH (Dresden, Germany), STAHLKIND 3000, (Linz, Austria), DELICJE (Warszawa, Poland).

Performance: DRAG KING TONI TRANSIT (Berlin, Germany)

Workshops: Flopi (Argentina) & Laura Synthesis (UK): “Antisexism for men”, Pavel (Czech): “Self-educational activities of anarcho-feminist activists in Czech”, Schwarzer Kanal (Germany): “Autonomous spaces”, A-fe collective (Poland): “Ad-busting”.

The rest of the program and other information is to be found on Noc Walpurgii‘s homepage.