Copenhagen Queer Festival

July 20th, 2008


Tomorrow, Monday July 21, is the first day of this year’s Copenhagen Queer Festival at Kigkurren 1-3 on Islands Brygge. It will be a week full of workshops, discussions, parties, concerts and performances in the cozy and intimate Gøglerskolen, where the festival takes place. The festival is stricktly a DIT (Do-It-Together) event, so come and join in on creating a great festival!

During the week there will possibilities to attend workshops on non-heterosexuality and racism, on feminist drag, on creative writing, on making-your-own-dildo, on “antilookism”, on drugs on the left wing autunomous scene, on DJ- and VJ’ing, on queer pornography, and several other topics. On Saturday July 26 there will also be a unique chance to see a preview on Trikster #2, due to release in mid August (more on that later)! See the preliminary program for the festival here.


On Tuesday there will be a big Welcome Party starting at 22.00 with concerts by the electro hip hop punk rock feminity glam zap SCREAM CLUB (US) and the queer performance singer NICKY CLICK (US)! (CC: 20 kr.) Later in the week, there will be concerts and performances by Nuclear Family (DK), PUMP! Body Politics Licked Out My Dancing Shoes (DE), Noah Grain (DE), Stella Sounds, Howdie Ho, LAGO, and others…

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